Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Update

Hope the weekend is treating you well, here are some interesting posts to keep you going.

I talk a lot about space on this blog. This story illustrates some of the most common transportation uses of space and their relative consumption.

If you were ever wondering how we should really be building our infrastructure, this story might provide some guidance. The first image is the kicker.

John Norquist, the Congress for New Urbanism president gives an interview about CNU work trying to influence the upcoming transportation bill. I'm not convinced that our built environment needs an infusion of cash to support an old (but better) kind of road. I think we should be thinking about new (and even better) sorts of roads.

J.H. Crawford has an enormous collection of remarkable pedestrian places at his website, In honor of not being able to check out his recent book at the library (my privileges expired last week...) I'll present one of his photos. Find more here.

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