Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend Update

Hannah and I have been enjoying the wonders of southern California and the year round growing season. Our plan is to visit Los Angeles and perhaps San Diego as well. Check below the fold for some interesting reads around the internet.

This great article on Philly is applicable to many cities. The author hits the nail on the head issue after issue.

Coming to a suburb near you. An article about the bursting bubble in suburban Florida.

I got privy to this interesting pdf on super-capacitor equipped light rail. There are some interesting implications in eliminating the need for continuous overhead wires.

An article here on the urban philosophy of the former mayor of a Bogota, Columbia. Even in our car-dominated landscape, it is possible to put people first. Now the question is why we aren't beginning to build places for people instead of cars.

Here's a good primer on residential density. I prefer the FAR measurement, but due mainly to traffic concerns, residential property is limited by the dwelling unit (DU) per acre.

Bike sharing is not dead.

Europeans seem to be building some nice places.

Good observation on sprawl but does the argument make sense?

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