Sunday, December 28, 2008


Feel free to leave additional questions in the comments, or send them to me.

Whats with the name?
Pretty Good City is a play on the encryption standard "Pretty Good Privacy" which is somewhat of a classic code in the computer science world. PGP has been the encryption standard for over a decade and shows no signs of losing its grip. It's inventor stole the term "Pretty Good" from Garrison Keillor's brainchild, "Ralph's Pretty Good Grocery" in Lake Wobegon.

Wow, did you think of that yourself?
Nope, it was my brother Aaron, he has lots of good ideas. Make sure to pre-order his upcoming book at Amazon (perhaps a bit premature).

Do you have an irrational hatred for suburbs?
No, it's entirely rational.

Would you like a job?
Most certainly yes.

What cities are you going to on your "Grand Tour"?
Only time will tell.


  1. how bout a tip o' the hat for the name?

  2. hmm, not sure how i managed to comment as prettygoodcity, you may have a config issue

  3. I'll take that under consideration, as for the config issue, are you sure you didn't create a blogger account called prettygoodcity?